SAR-SPED Ltd. provides high quality services in the field of international transport and road freight forwarding.

We provide our customers with a wide range of services covering all important segments in the field of logistics and transport.

If you are looking for a reliable transport partner, SAR-SPED Ltd. is the right choice. With our own fleet and a wide network of subcontractors, built and successfully operating over the last 30 years, we offer road transport services across Europe, ensuring security and efficiency for our clients.

One of our main goals is to provide our customers with a service that fully meets their requirements. Depending on this, we offer freight forwarding and transportation of complete and groupage shipments to and from different locations within Europe, as well as on domestic market, including transportation of refrigerated goods, transportation of goods under ADR, transportation of waste, transportation with tank trailer.

Complete and groupage shipments

Depending on the size and specifics of the goods you want to transport, we will provide you with the adequate loading space and a transport unit. For this purpose, in addition to our own fleet, we use vehicles of our proven subcontractors.

Full truck shipments (FTL)

Full truck shipments (FTL)

FTL are the best solution for transporting large quantities of goods with one consignee.



Groupage shipments (LTL)

Groupage shipments (LTL)

Groupages allow grouping of several shipments of different customers into one vehicle.



Industry solutions

Transportation of paper

Transportation of steel and metal products


Transportation of timber

Waste transportation


Transport of frozen products and other products under temperature control


Transportation of polymers and chemical products


Transportation of machinery and equipment

Transport of dangerous goods under ADR

Transportation by tanker

Transportation of products for the automotive industry

Transportation of products from the textile industry

Transportation of palletized shipments


Sar-Sped Ltd. provides regular transport services from Bulgaria / Greece to other countries in Europe and back.

We dare to say that we are specialists in the transport of goods between Bulgaria and Greece, as our own trucks and those of our subcontractors perform regular shipments between the two countries on a daily basis.