SAR-SPED Ltd. is a leading company in the field of international transport, forwarding and logistics since 1992. The company provides forwarding and transport services by road of complete and groupage shipments, including transportation of hazard goods, in Bulgaria as well the rest of the European countries.

Over the last 30 years, we have developed a strong presence in the domestic and European markets, providing high quality transport and logistics services.

Using our own fleet, as well a fully-developed and successfully working network of subcontractors, we have the opportunity to offer our clients with individually elaborated solutions, flexibility and costs optimization.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we work only with professionals, use a modern fleet and carry out the assigned tasks with the utmost care. Our skilled team provides the highest level of services, adapting their activities to the individual needs of our customers, the dynamic changes in the sector and the market demand.

Our Mission

Sar-Sped Ltd strives to build and maintain long-term and trusted relationships with all the clients by maximizing their satisfaction at a minimum cost. The basis of our philosophy is to increase the competitiveness of our clients by providing them with the fullest possible support and becoming a reliable partner in the daily work.

Security, quality and responsible service are the promises we make to every client.


Our Goals

We, SARSPED Ltd., strive daily to improve the efficiency of the services we offer and to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

The goals we strive to meet every day include:


Focus on quality

We strive to deliver quality commitments and improve ourselves on a daily basis.

Measurable results

Good results strengthen our customers’ market position, and thus –  ours. They strengthen our relationships and increase our mutual commitment.

Openness in partnership

Relationships built on mutual respect and trust are the cornerstone of our success.

Transparency in the services provided

 We strive to provide ongoing information and transparency in the implementation process of each possible transport.

Proactive approach

We learn from every situation! If we notice that something can be done better, faster and more efficiently, we will let you know.


Our fleet meets the European standards and technical safety requirements. The safety of our employees and the care of your goods are of the utmost importance for us!